Thursday, August 2, 2012

There's A New Alpaca Herder in Town

I'm a wife to Rick, I'm a mom to Dalton, Garrett and Chase.
I cook, I clean (sometimes), I play with my kids, I knit, I chit-chat (Rick's words), I drive kids to practice, I encourage my family and friends, I eat more than I should, I enjoy a good glass of red wine and to earn money, I am a graphic designer.

I am an artist. Always have been. It's in my blood.
I drew on my walls as a kid with crayon (ruining the beautiful wood walls...sorry mom and dad)
I am happy creating. I like making things look nice.
I love original work.
I love being able to make a living from my home.

And then you get the artist's form of writer's block.


I know it will pass. But the longer I sat at my computer this morning, the worse it got.
I have a great job that I am really excited about and I felt stuck.

So instead of sitting here...stuck....Chase and I headed outside.

We went in the pens to say hi to the girls and crias.

 I think they're having a meeting. Chase is nicely telling them that he would like to herd them.

Star is inspecting him.

Ok. He passes the herder test.

Arms out. This kid's a natural.

Here we go. Yes, you too Spicy.

Slightly distracted. He spotted MomMom "The Bean Queen"

Back to work. We're almost there.

Success. The girls are headed into the other pen.

And guess what, I came back inside, sat down to my sketch pad and came up with a rocking logo idea. Alpaca herding is the perfect cure for artist's block.

Now it's time to get back to work :)

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  1. adorable!! chase is a natural, and you too, your a brilliant designer leanne!