Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yarn Along

To anyone that reads this blog weekly, yes......I'm STILL knitting my shawl. Oh brother. It may never be done. No. I take that back. It will be done. I will finish it!!! Thankfully the olympic watching at night has given me the motivation and excuse to knit for hours. I was on a roll. Another row done, knitting, knitting. THEN football practice. Every night from 6-8. We like to go watch Garrett play. And now I have to chase Chase all over creation. Hmmm, knitting time is pushed aside.

But look! Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to wear it. I only have a few more stripe rows and then onto the dark purple edging. Then it's done! Woohoo!

I love the yarn, love the colors, love the pattern, HATE garter stitch.
I'm going to make another on of these with our alpaca yarn but in stockinette stitch. 
It will take half the time.

 I finished reading The Murderer's Daughters from the library. It ended up being a good book. It was a great example of how one event can effect family members so differently. I enjoyed it.
I just started Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. This book has been recommended to me by a few friends. So far, it's wonderful. Loving it.

Dalton just started Artemis Fowl. This kid reads so much. That'a boy.

My next knitting plan is some washcloths for my little nephew-to-be.
I have so much yarn that I need to use it up. Small squares will be perfect!

Headed to the beach this morning. Love living minutes from the beach.
Our friend is going to give the boys some surfing lessons today.
I'll try to get some pictures. Maybe I'll risk it and take my good camera.

Hope you're enjoying your day!

Joining in with Ginny for this week's yarn along.

Happy Knitting!


  1. You knitting looks quite lovely and I really like the colors for your shawl :)

  2. your shawl is coming along beautifully! I really love the colors! i agree all that garter stitch is time consuming!! but you will be happy in the end that you did it!!!

  3. Your shawl is looking so nice in those colors. I'm knitting one for the Olympics and I am getting sick of the garter stitch myself. I can't wait to get to the short rows.

  4. Good luck with finishing the shawl - it looks simply stunning - I love the colours you picked, they really work well together.

  5. You might be a little tired of knitting it but I love looking at it! It makes me want to knit another one :) It is gorgeous!!

  6. The shawl is gorgeous - those colours are perfect.
    The garter stitch does get boring but it looks fabulous when you wear it.
    Enjoy the beach.

  7. it's beautiful leanne! i do love garter stitch, but i think it will look gorgeous in your alpaca and in s.s. have fun at the beach!

  8. Lovely shawl! I, too, spend much time being 'mama' and chasing after little ones - so I understand how the crafting must wait at times! :) Enjoy the beach.