Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday.

It's yarn along day again and I'm joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

I just started reading Cutting for Stone. It was recommended to me and I chose it for my book club.

I've been a busy bee knitting for our upcoming busy season at the farm.
I am enjoying mindless knitting. It's fun to just knit what ever you like, regardless of who it is for, girl, boy, adult, baby...just fun.

So here most recent knits.

A sweet baby bonnet. 
This is clearly for a smaller baby than Chase and probably much more suited for a girl. Wouldn't it be adorable on a chubby cheeked little girl? Knitted with Cascade Alpaca. So soft.
Ravelry notes here

 He's not a fan of hats...AT ALL. So I tried my best to take some quick shots of him.

 I think I insulted him by making him wear a  "baby" hat.

Another little baby hat, more for a 6 month old. Knitted with yarn from our alpacas.

 And it's off.....

Baby hat knitted with eco baby alpaca yarn. Casted on 66
Would fit a 6-9 month old well.
 This one is off too....

My very pregnant sister, Liz, requested a soft little baby alpaca hat for her baby boy.
I made this same hat for Chase but in different yarn. It's a simple 5 cable hat. 
Ravelry notes here

Now onto a little girl sweater. With a house full of boys and all little nephews, I don't get to knit many sweet girl things. So I'm making this cap sleeve cardigan to sell at the farm. I'll add my own details to make it my own. LOVE it.
Ravelry Notes here

That's it for now.

Happy Knitting!



  1. Oh dear! Not a fan of hats, then?!
    Very cute photos x

  2. All your knits looks great! Too bad Chase didn't think so.

  3. You have some great knitting projects, but there is nothing like seeing your handsome wee one, even with the lip stuck out...too cute!

  4. I love Chase's upset face with the hats. They can be so dramatic. Too cute!

  5. I love all the little hats! So cute!

  6. I loved Cutting for Stone. It was recommended to me by one of my most respected book loving friends, and I have it on my Nook. I had some sympathy for your little hat-hating model. He is very sweet, though. I envy you knitting stuff that gets finished! Wish it were me.

  7. They're all so beautiful! Great job!

  8. Love the little sad face..too cute. Lovely hats, they look so soft!