Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Hi all. Happy Wednesday. It's knitting day :)
(Do you see that little piece of hay in the yarn? Right there, to the right? 
I love finding hay in my yarn.)

I've been a knitting fool lately. Trying to get great little projects done to sell on the farm. We have our annual National Alpaca Farm Day coming up in September and if we're lucky enough to have a cool day we sell lots of goodies. 
I made another bandana cowl this time out of white alpaca yarn.
 I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet, but I will. 
I also made a baby hat and a large men's hat or girl's slouchy hat out of our farm blend yarn. 
My shoulder is creaking and hurting. Silly knitting. So hard on the body.

The hat I've been showing here is the Graham hat.
It's a clever little hat and I'm really enjoying making it. It's worked in the round, but the pattern shows up on the wrong side. When the hat is complete, you flip it inside out and wear it that way. It will be a nice hat for a small adult or older kid. It can be worn as a slouch hat, or a tighter fit. It's very cute, soft and I'm excited about it.

When I knit this much, I don't get the chance to read as much as I want.
I'm still half way through Rules of Civility. It's a book that can be read in 2 days, and I just haven't been able to get to it. I'm afraid it's not going to happen. I have so many books that I want to get to.

I had my book club last night. What a great group of girls. Love them. We laugh so much and we "kinda" talk about the book. We just read Gone Girl and it was a book that almost everyone actually read! It was a great book. Everyone enjoyed it. No talk of the next book yet, but Cutting For Stone is on my personal list of what to read. Quinn just read it and recommended it to me.
If you have any book suggestions, please send me a comment!
Also, if you have any small nice projects let me know. Always looking for something nice to make and sell at the farm.
 Chase thought that climbing onto the stool was a fun thing to do while I took pictures.
That little stool was handmade for me when I was his age by my Uncle Mayo.

Have a great Wednesday....Happy Knitting :)



  1. How nice to knit projects with your own yarn.
    Love the hats, the texture is a lovely addition to a simple beanie hat.
    Enjoy knitting but don't do too much.

  2. I hope you will get the cool day you need. It's supposed to be a hard winter here after the unusually mild winter last year and very warm summer.

  3. That is going to be such a pretty hat! ♥ I made my first slouch hat last winter.