Tuesday, August 16, 2022

My Rhinebeck Sweater 2022 - Almost finished!

 I'm so pleased with my Rhinebeck sweater so far! I finished the body. The texture of the yoke and hem make me so happy. The color also makes me happy. I wanted to knit a neutral color but when looking for yarn, I had to stick to a very tight budget (two college tuitions stink!!!!) So when I saw the purple color on closeout and super discount, purple it was! It seems appropriate for this year. Our house members are all knitting something in the same purple this year (click here to see what I made). 

The sweater is the Javelin Pullover. It fits perfectly and I'm ready to start the sleeves.
But instead of jumping right into the sleeves, I gave my hands and shoulders a knitting break and picked up my library book, Flying Solo again. I've been reading a lot this summer. Most books have been super easy reads. I'm ready for a "real" book. Any recommendations? Again, I have the best cat in the whole world. Isn't he just the best? Hanging out by my feet on a cool summer night :) Love that silly guy.


  1. hey!!! what's with all these posts??!! your sweater is so beautiful. i adore the color and the yoke design. i am not sure how you do, all that you do?!?! full time job, 3 kids, reading, knitting...you are really amazing. and i am impressed with all of these posts, obviously, i read them backwards!!

    1. I'm trying!!!!!! I go in spurts with the blog...trying to be better about updating it so I have something to look back on. :)