Thursday, August 11, 2022


Life is stressful and busy right now. My emotions are all over the place. My stress level is sky high. Both boys getting ready to go to is beyond busy, football season is in high gear for my little one, prices of groceries, prices of gas, prices of everything... It's a lot. But spending time around a table full of new knitters makes me very thankful for this hobby. Seeing people "get it" when knitting, the slow click, click of the needles, people turning into friends around a table, laughter, learning, it all helps my stress. It has been soooo hot at the Jersey Shore. The humidity has been at 100% with temps to match. But last night a cooler breeze came through and it was finally pleasant to be outside. 

As I taught last night, I stepped back and took a moment to just observe. 
Then I heard a rustling above my head very high up in a tree over our table was Sox. 
That silly guy was watching us from above.

Then the moon rose about the neighbor's house just as everyone was leaving for the night.
These moments make the rest of the day fade away.



  1. It is amazing what a few hours/minutes of peace, tranquility and knitting can do for your mood in these difficult times.

  2. i am so happy you have been able to do this again. i am reminded of my time around the table, with a pretty green table cloth, many "moons" ago!!!