Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 on 10

I am participating in the 10 on 10 project again this month.

The idea is, once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day.
For more information, see here.
So here goes....
8 am
These two are making me crazy. Chase is obsessed with Jeter. 
Jeter tolerates him but won't move away while Chase tries to rip his fur out.

Mailing the most ridiculous parking ticket EVER. We were in a near by town and paid for our parking, put the receipt in the window as instructed and when we returned we had a ticket.
YES! A ticket. For improper display of receipt. It had slid down so it was covered by part of the windshield. Really? Really? I could have fought it, but if anyone has met my 10 year old and can picture his complete freak out and fear that I was going to JAIL when I said I was going to court to fight this....well, it was just easier to pay the stupid fine. So there.

 10 am
Seriously, how cute is this kid?

11 am
Poor Geneva.....still pregnant. Come on!!!!!!!! Have that baby so that MomMom can leave the farm and have some fun with us!

12 noon
We opted out on going to the beach today. Instead Garrett's best buddy came over for the day.

1 pm
New library book! I finished Gone Girl last night. Wow! Couldn't put it down.
This book looks good. I see a theme.....Yikes!

 2 pm
Free yogurt with friends :)

Nap time. Sweet sweet nap time.
Getting dinner started. Note to self- the two filets that used to feed our family NO LONGER is enough. BUY MORE next time! Good thing I made big sides!

Fishing in the pond. Another bass caught by Dalton. Notice the hideous Wii pants. I swear he has been wearing them for 4 straight years. No clue how they still fit him. Also not sure why he is wearing them outside before bed.
 Chase showing me his fake worm. He wishes he could fish too.
Soon little man, soon.

Technically I'm supposed to be done here, but I have a few more that I took that I wanted to add in. So here you go...
Look at those freckles. And when did he start looking so old?!

 1st time on the tire swing.
 Me and my little man. Please ignore my double chin.
 The big one and the little one. My middle one needs to get in more pictures. He's camera shy.

So there you have it. A day in my life.

Have a great day!


  1. what a great day!! poor geneva, at least it is a little cooler!!

    i didn't notice the 2 chins, till you pointed it out!!

  2. I love your mailbox photo for its simplicity, sorry about that ticket though!

  3. Oh what a fun post. All your pictures are fantastic! Except for the worm one. I don't care that it was fake. It still made me look away. Eww. But really the rest were great. Sorry about the ticket. That stinks.

  4. adorable!! every photo leanne! your boys are so so cute, how could you stop at 10?
    p.s. my mom used to say never point out your (percieved) flaws :)

  5. Hope Geneva's pregnancy is over by now, poor dear. I love the freckles!

    I need to do a book and yarn posting. It's too darn hot to do anything but read and knit.