Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt


It's been a VERY exciting day here on the farm.
After 370 days of pregnancy, Geneva had her baby girl this morning!
 Her name is Jatoba. 
The birth was picture perfect. 
This is Geneva's first baby and she is proving to be the good mom that we hoped she would be.
 So far, so good! Right now they are both taking a well deserved nap.
Nursing is going well, but we just need to keep an eye on them both so Jatoba gets enough milk in her. It's hot here today, so that's the biggest concern.

Ok, so onto the Scavenger Hunt!

This is one of the sprinklers in the field for the alpacas.
In the background, Geneva is having her baby!

Daisy plant given to us by good friends :)

Nothing fresher than a brand new baby! That's Jatoba getting a kiss from her mom.

Thanks to my big win on the radio, we enjoyed a free day at the boardwalk.

I ran home to get Chase some new clothes after the baby alpaca was born.
On my front flower bush was this butterfly. I think of my MomMom every time I see one and it always make me happy and calm. So there you version of calm.
 Joining in with today's scavenger hunt.


  1. Your last photo is absolutely beautiful! Congrats on the new baby! :)

  2. I just love your "Fresh" photo - the baby alpaca is so sweet, what a nice story!

  3. Sweet alpacas.
    A beautiful butterfly bringing special memories.

  4. Nicely done - great composition on eight.