Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt Vacation Style

This week's scavenger hunt is all taken from our vacation.

I'll get back to farm life for next week :)

Here is my take on this week's prompts....Vacation Style

I had to include a few for this word. We stumbled upon the most amazing seafood joint in Cape May. Tucked into a little marina, fresh crabs and lobster right off the boat...served all you can eat with a mallet, a bucket of food, corn on the cob and a roll of paper towels on the picnic bench. It was a meal that I will never forget. If you're heading to Cape May, check out H&H. You won't be disappointed. It's a BYOB. We didn't know that. Next time we'll be prepared.

And the old-fashioned girl I am, loves a hand painted sign.

 My Garrett LOVES this way of eating.

heehee. A giant sign in the middle of quaint Cape May. Made my boys giggle.

(or lack of eyelashes in this case)
Our oldest boy is so fair that his eyebrows and eyelashes disappear for the summer. We'll notice them again around Thanksgiving. This was taken at the top of the Cape May lighthouse.

Beautiful night at the inlet beach in Brigantine. Rick and I took Chase for a walk to see the clouds and birds while the big kids played mini golf with their grandparents.

A view from inside the Cape May Lighthouse. Lots of beautiful shapes, swirls, turns and steps.

Next week I'll have more farm photos.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I grew up right near Cape May and even closer to Brigantine! I know the lighthouse well!!

  2. I JUST LOVE your oldest son's freckles and summer blondness, and his grin!

    Your trip sounds like a blast!

  3. my kids were so blond they were white! your son is adorable!! well they all are. love the photos, the old signs, what a great day!