Saturday, July 21, 2012


I did it! I finally finished something. I am ashamed to admit how many projects I have on needles right now and how long it has been since I finished something.

So it feels really really good to have these two little projects all done.

They will be gifts for my little nephew-to-be. 
He's due to join our crazy family in September, so I'm even ahead
of schedule with these two things! Phew.

I'm happy with the sweater. The yarn is really soft and should look very handsome on Liz's baby.
I tried to find a link on ravelry for you all, but I can't find the pattern. Honestly, the pattern was ridiculous. Written much harder than it needed to be. So, as much as I like the sweater, I really wouldn't recommend making it. There are many more easy just as cute patterns out there.
Here's a link to the website that sells patterns though. Just in case you're interested.

Liz loves hootie owls. So how cute is this little guy?!!! I love him!
He was an easy and quick knit and I think he's a cutie. I want to make a few more.
Ravelry link: Hootie Owl

A few months ago I took my niece to her first yarn shop. This was knitted with the yarn that we purchased. I have some left over, so I think I'll knit something little for her too. Maybe a heart. She'd like that. But I might have to add sparkles to it. She's a glitter girl.

Have a great weekend!

Baby's are being sheared this morning! We'll post pictures tomorrow.



  1. cute cute cute! what a darling sweater, yay for finishing. and the owl, i am going to have to make one too! so cute!

  2. Love, love, love that sweet sweater! Also, your new blog layout is beautiful.

  3. Cute sweater! I think you are right though - should not have been such and ordeal ;-).