Monday, July 2, 2012

A World Apart

A year or so ago I started this blog for the farm. I didn't really know what I was doing (still don't), wasn't sure of the goal and I wasn't sure if anyone would read it. But I thought it would be fun to document our farm events and my family life.

What I didn't expect was to become part of a group of people that have never met,
be inspired by others knitting, family life, recipes, trips and humor.

I never expected that a blog would lead me to knitting some pockets out of alpaca yarn,
giving them to my sister to mail to California to a woman we've never met in person...
to take with her to Africa and now somewhere very, very far away
three little children are wearing something that I made here in New Jersey.

And thanks to Lori, Andee and I are the winners of her Africa Book give-away
and the pictures of the little kids and the pockets are in there.

This little blog has brought me opportunities and people into my life that I never
expected. And it's great. This is the book that I will be getting in the mail.
Picture from Lori's blog.



  1. aw leanne, it's pretty fantastic isn't it? blogging has been a true blessing in my life and it sounds like yours too. i'm so happy to know you.

  2. my shells and sea glass were part of this project!!

    i could have written this entry, the little book looks amazing!!