Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I'm joining in with the scavenger hunt this week.

Here is my take on the prompts...

Awan the Teddy Bear was sporting his patriotic wear
For Awan's back story, click here
This is Chase's best buddy that helps pose each month for a picture.

View From Above 
The girls on the hill

Water balloons! Summer fun!

Something Tiny
This picture was taken almost a year ago. This was the first morning home with Chase and here he is getting a kiss from our oldest boy. Chase is turning one very soon and I just keep thinking about how "tiny" he was.

The clouds, storms and weather has been crazy lately.

To join in on the fun click here


  1. Love the tiny shot....those freckles across your sons nose are awesome!

  2. Love your patriotic and vibrant - that cloud is amazing!

  3. Beautiful photos. Love the vibrant photo.