Friday, April 19, 2013

A Moment In Time

This little man reminds me of my dad right here.
Dirty jeans, drooping just a little (sorry Dad, but it's true)
Arms on the fence, checking the herd out for a few minutes.
Then moving on to feed the birds and play in some dirt piles.

I think we have a farm boy on our hands.

This same little farm boy has driven me to exhaustion this week.
I am at the point that I crave a vacation or even just a few hours to myself.
I have to remind myself on a daily basis that this stage is quick and I will miss it.
Right? I will miss this stage at some point when he's big. I don't know. So far in my limited parenting experience I think being a 10 year old boy is pretty much the coolest time of life.
11 has introduced the weird hormones and smelly feet. So yeah, 10 is pretty much perfection from our experience. 

So for now Mr. Chase, I will take deep breaths, remind myself that
you are learning and growing, and we should let you have fun.
Skipping gymnastics class to play with the "pacas" and birds "quack quacks"
was what we were supposed to do this morning.

For that big brother's laptop you cracked in half last night....well, that's a different story.
You're still in the dog house for that one.

Wishing everyone a safe weekend. Stay safe, pray this awful person is caught.


  1. my favorite photo so far - good eye & very precious subject :)

  2. Wish we lived close. I'd take Chase one afternoon so you could have a few hours to yourself. He and Potter could drink from the hose in my backyard and get sopping wet.