Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Boston

Today I didn't have regular tv on. I was busy caring for Chase and also watching my friend's 4 month old daughter so she could visit one of our very ill friends in the hospital. I didn't see the news. I wasn't on Facebook. I wasn't on the computer. I had no idea of what happened in Boston to innocent people cheering on their friends and running a race of a lifetime.

Then I got a call from my girlfriend to thank me again for watching Kate and then she told me about the bombing.

I don't understand. How can we understand?

I have been to Boston one time. I was 6 months pregnant with Chase and we were
there for Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon. We didn't plan it that way, it just
happened to be the time we went.

Our hotel was one block in from the finish line. We all had so much fun in that beautiful city
and I fell in love with it on that trip. I was there. In that exact spot where the bombing was.
This scares me to no end. Yes, it was three years ago. But the people injured today did nothing wrong, knew nothing was going to happen and it's just plain scary.

So Dear Boston, my heart goes out to those that are hurting and in fear.
I hate that we have to explain this to our kids.
I hate that it makes us double think things.

Stay safe.

(All photos taken from our trip 3 years ago)

 Rick and Garrett checking out the marathon finish line preparations from our hotel.

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