Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fresh Air

As soon as the big kids got home from school, I put them in charge of Chase and I headed outside

Phew....toddlers wear me out.
I spent most of the day cleaning out all the clothes in Chase's dresser, sorting them and replacing them with clothes that will actually fit him. Man, that feels good. Little ones grow so quickly it's hard to keep up.

Two of the alpacas are due to have their babies right now.
I am on baby watch today, so went to check on the girls.
Both look fine, no sign yet. Hopefully it will be soon.
I love baby season! Of course, uneventful good nursing, first time mommy births are the best.

While I was outside I got some pictures of the farm and a new knitting project.

  My latest project is off the needles. Need to block it.
"Terra Shawl"

 Some of the girls.....

 Wdamo. Time to have your baby!!!!

 Miss Maggie, your turn too! Any day now :)

 Some of the herd enjoying this beautiful day.

 The new pens

 Lilly girl, good thing it's almost shearing day! You can't see!!!!

My shawl and my apple tree. (Thank you DAD!)

Apple blossoms.....maybe in time for my birthday after all :)
(my dad has threatened to cut this tree down every single year now for um, ten years?!)
Every year big branches fall down, get hit by lightning, etc and I have begged that it remain.
Every year this tree blooms for my birthday. I'm a bit of a sentimental girl. To a fault I suppose.

Color inspiration for my next shawl.

My garden will be right up against the new alpaca fence.

Time to get the garden going and move things around. Guess the sprinkler hasn't been used in some time now.....home to a vine.

Looking forward to showing off the new baby crias when they arrive. Hopefully soon!

Just a reminder that our farm will be open to the public this Saturday, April 27th.
Come on by!

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