Sunday, April 14, 2013


Just some recent random pictures from my camera....

 Flower thief

 Watching silly YouTube videos

 A new knit. Jared Flood is a genius.

 Thank you Mr. Peacock for your feather

 Mantle...need to pack up those xmas lights.

 This week's delivery. Silly how happy these boxes make me and my family.

 A picture of me as a little girl that reminds me of Chase

 Pretty yard flowers in a vase my mom brought home from Alaska

 A reminder that I am two pounds from my lifetime weight goal = FREE!!!!
Love my Thursday morning meetings.

 Dalton's life right now....Chorus concert music and baseball

 A snippet from my recent book and a line that I love...."I'm just very, very fond of you."
From The Fault in Our Stars

 An HOUR of total happiness and leaving Mama ALONE! THANK YOU Beatrice from Thread and Ladle for your simple idea....I went in the pantry, found an old cookie tin, paper cups, mason jar lids and canning funnels. A WHOLE hour of happiness for little man.

 G and Chase... CHEEEEEEESE!

 Saturday morning...reading and watching bad tv. Those darn Kardashians suck me in. I's awful but I love it.

 Lizzie at last week's yarn party.

 Courtney and Paige. I love this photo.

 Tara starting her new sweater

 Hi Reno Beno

 Saying hi to Grandpop's birds

 Hey Reno...Again.

That was Random......I told ya!

Have a great week :)


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  1. that was awesome. congratulations sweetie, i'm so proud of you (ww). love all the darling little ones, your box of organics, the vase from your mom and yes to jared. he makes me feel capable.
    love this post!