Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Along


Joining in with Ginny and the other knitters for this week yarn along.

I wish I had read more this week, but just didn't get to it.
Hours on the baseball fields lends itself more to knitting time, not reading time.

So here we go....

A new project on the needles.
Terra by Jared Flood

Knitting with Charlemont yarn from Webs (Valley Yarn Brand)
Finger weight yarn in dusk gray

An easy, nice pattern that doesn't require too much attention.
Have I mentioned that Jared Flood is a genius? Well, yes I will say it again. He is. I think I have a nerd knitting crush.

And oh my.....the orange top.
I might have my first gray hair because of this. 
After starting the lace part (and I LOVE lace and think I know what I'm doing at this point) 
 had to RIP IT OUT at least 7 times before it was right. UGH! 
After calling Andee with an S.O.S. call before I poked my eyeballs out, we figured out that the chart must be written wrong. Fab. 
 So, I think I figured it out. 
Not sure if I'll get this thing done in time for Maryland, but summer for sure.

 This is the chalk message I've had up for the past week or so to my boys. 
After the bombing this week, this is more appropriate than ever. I wish everyone could just be kind to each other. Prayers continue for Boston folk and the rest of us that have been forced to question things.

And for those of you that believe in prayer, please keep a friend of mine in your thoughts.
She is trying to recover from a ruptured appendix. It's a long road and she's in the hospital while
her husband takes care of their two kids. She should be fine, but it's a tough time for her. 
I also want to add to the list the little tiny twins that
were born to a childhood friend. They need every prayer out there.

Ok....sorry for that bummer news at the end, but my one grandmother isn't with us
anymore and the prayer group from church is all up there with her!!!!
They were some powerful ladies, so just putting it out there!!!

Happy Knitting!




  1. ((hug)) for you and your friend.

  2. You'll get it done in time! And, while sad they're all gone, I like the thought of the entire prayer circle together in heaven :-).

  3. Your Terra Shawl is looking beautiful. I love the color of your top and I hope the lace works out.

    Also sending lots of prayers.

  4. I am not brave enough to try lace. I'd fear for my soul for all the cussing that would ensue :-) .Prayers lifted!