Monday, April 8, 2013

Outside and other random pictures

It's true. It's not a joke. It's warm enough to be OUTSIDE without freezing!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Please stay like this. I would be eternally grateful to the weather gods.
MomMom....we're talking to you!

So in the spirit of nice weather, here are a bunch of random, totally unrelated photos of some time spent outside, cousins playing with bubbles, wearing out a dog and some fiber goodness.

And not to mention the farm now has a new beautiful herdsire.
My mom and dad won some MAJOR awards at North American this past weekend.
Well, technically the alpacas won the awards, but you know what I mean. Very exciting stuff.

Here's a photo of the new guy and my mom.
His name is Smoke Ring and he's a light rose grey.
He won Reserve Color Champion. Can't wait to see him in person!

And now for the random photos.....

A little boy who insisted on wearing his 11 year old's mickey mouse tshirt.
Caught him terrorizing his goldfish. And I'm proud that they're still alive. Might be a record for us.

Saying good morning to the alpacas.

 The new pen. Quarantine for the show animals

Going over to cousin Wade's house to play with bubbles. Chase is showing them to him.


Littlest cousins

Look at this beautiful baby. Wade is almost 7 months old and cute as a button.

 Hi neighbors!!!!

 Baby feet. The only time feet don't make me want to vomit.

 So darn cute
 Hi Mr.Wade. Almost nap time.
 Finn not missing out on the bubble popping.

Counting the steps

 A new skein by Lizzie
 Lizzie is now dyeing her own roving for spinning! So fun.

 Hand dyed roving being spun into yarn....

A custom knit sweater I'm working on. It's the second sweater I've knitted for the same baby. First one was made for her before she was born. She's too big, so making another one. It's for her christening which is this weekend. I've been knitting non-stop since getting the yarn on Thursday afternoon. My arms were completely asleep when I woke up this morning!!!!

So how was that for random?

I hope it's getting warm where you are too. We need it!!!!!

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  1. A Champion herdsire, goldfish and bubbles totally go together! hee hee. I am loving Liz's roving.