Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Favorite Patterns?

The search is officially on....

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is in a week and a half and I like
to go with a game plan. You know....patterns chosen and printed,
yardage written out, ideas of colors in mind
and of course, that one project that you find hanging up at
someone's booth that you "just have to knit".

So, dear fellow knitters, I ask you for help.

Do you have a favorite pattern/knit that you have made
that you would recommend?

I am loving the triangular shawls right now.

I also love a good cardigan.

Colors make me happy.

Love the monochrome sock yarns.

I will be attacking Miss Bab's booth asap Saturday morning to
get the good stuff. I used her yarn last year for my
Color Affection Shawl and it has held up so well.
So I plan on grabbing some of that yarn.

Here are a few I have in mind....


Any advice? Would love to hear what you are knitting, or
what a favorite all time knit is.


  1. I have a Juneberry on my needles. I'll post my wish list soon!

  2. I've made Juneberry and Rock Island and loved them both - Jared Flood, how could I not :)

    I vote for either (both!) of them!

  3. That's funny- I have a lot of those patterns on my radar too (and in my ravelry que too!) I don't think I ever want to knit this (I'm not a fan of tiny yarn and complicated patterns) but it is totally amazing, and I would love to see you knit it: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/winnowing (by Bristol Ivy)