Monday, July 7, 2014

Back to Reality....Sort of...

Happy Monday folks.

Vacation is over so it's back to reality. Well, sort of! My older boys stayed at my inlaws for a few extra days so they could have a chance to hang out with their older cousins that we don't get to see very often. They're having a blast. I think they've completely forgot about us.
They'll be back tomorrow and then a loud crazy house will be the norm.

As most of you know, my sisters, myself and my dad also work other jobs besides the alpacas.
My mom is the full time alpaca lady and my sisters and I help with the farm store and care when we can. I'm a graphic designer and have worked as a freelancer for 12 years now. (am I really old enough to have had a career for 14 years?! yikes) DREAM FREELANCE JOB is open.
Jared Flood and the Brooklyn Tweed team are hiring a freelance graphic designer. My heart nearly stopped when I read this job posting. It is close to my home, most work is from home, it's my absolute favorite company, which if anyone has ever read this blog will know that I am in awe of everything Jared Flood. So, the application has been sent and my fingers and toes are crossed. Can you imagine? The honor of working for such an amazing company?!!!! I am praying that I will be considered for this. If any of you know Jared, you can always give him a nice shout out for me. Just saying....!

Just thought I would share some recent knitting projects that I did this week as well as a few photos from our little get-a-away.

Tomorrow I'll be back with lots of alpaca photos and farm fun!

4th of July was rainy for most of the day. How unAmerican. So I did what any good American would do, I knitted the day away. I casted on the Standing Stones Cowl using Baby Alpaca/Merino blend yarn that we sell at the farm. It's a great teal color and I think it's perfect for this pattern.

Vacation also meant lots and lots of guilt free knitting time. Coffee and knitting every morning on the front porch of my inlaws. This is my Strawberry Fields shawl. Slow going. I forgot how long garter stitch with fingering yarn takes!

I finished another Outlander Cowl. This time using a light gray alpaca yarn.
Using the big needles again, this cowl is so soft, loose and drapes beautifully. 

A few vacation shots....
We had a chance to visit our favorite seafood joint in Cape May.
H&H Crabs is a great little place. They bring the crabs and lobster right off their boats, into tanks right outside the restaurant. You order up what ever you want, they pick them out, cook them and serve them to you in a big bucket dockside. It's a byob and lots of fun.

Chase's reaction when I told him he couldn't put his hands in the crab tanks.
It's tough being two.

Among many fun things we got to do last week, I think I had the most fun catching frogs in the yard.
There was plenty of frog catching to be done!!!! I am the champ.

Alpaca pictures tomorrow! I promise  :)

Have a great week all!


  1. I am crossing my fingers and toes for you for the job!!!!! It looks like you had a great vacation!

  2. fingers are crossed! Good luck :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Maybe Jared will see these comments.

  4. ack ~ this may post twice ~ my first attempt disappeared

    I saw that job listing yesterday when I was on BT's website looking for some contact information...I thought of you...maybe that's FATE!!

    everything that can be crossed for you is crossed ~ good luck!!!

    1. Awe thanks Melissa!!!!!!! I want this job so badly. It's my perfect job. Hoping Jared calls! I feel like a teenage girl waiting for a boy to call lol!