Monday, July 14, 2014

The Adventure of Sharing Through the Blogging World

As some of my loyal readers know, I have been blogging for a few years now. Not really sure when it all began and I honestly had no idea where it would lead me or if anyone would read what I had to say......
The reason that I began this blog was because my mom and dad turned their former small horse farm into an alpaca farm. I thought a blog would be a good platform to share what we are doing at the farm and our knitting and projects. Arrow Acres Farm is my parent's farm and I am lucky enough to live with my family in a farm house on the property. My sister, Andee and her family live a few miles away and my sister Liz and her family live down the street from the the farm. We all help out and enjoy the whole world that is alpacas, yarn, knitting, creating and farm life. I started posting knitting projects here on this blog as well as pictures of the animals and the farm. Sprinkled in (ok....more than sprinkled in) are pictures of my kids, nephews and visitors to the farm. I opened up the farm and my life to the great people out in the blogging world. Like I said before, I had no idea if anyone would care or read what I had to say.

My professional life is one of a graphic designer. I work as a freelancer which is truly the best of both worlds. I am able to work creatively and take care of my family by juggling the roles.
I am constantly looking for creative ideas, inspiration online for my work.
And as anyone that has ever read this blog knows my passion for knitting.
I knit every day. I steal any moment I can knit. Whether it's for a few minutes in the morning while I drink coffee, hours at a baseball field and always late at night while watching tv and my favorite time is after everyone has gone to bed. The quiet time at night with needles and yarn in my hands make everything right with the world. It provides inspiration that carries over to my design work. The color of yarn and the creative outlet of knitting adds to my creative soul (sorry if that's corny but it's the truth!!)

Anywho....the reason for all this babbling is because I learn a lot from other blogs.
I learn and am inspired by other alpaca farmers, knitters, artists, business blogs, and crafters.
I constantly read people's blogs to see what they are working on, what questions they are asking, what trends are out there for design and work. Photographs that inspire me and people's stories are a joy to find. And to share.

Sharing. That's the biggest advantage to being a part of the blogging world.
Sharing your stories. Sharing your life. Sharing your experiences with complete strangers.
And guess what? People actually read what you write. ( I think)

There are blogs and pages that I drool over and every once in a while, you find out that they like what you're doing too!!!! I received a message from Hege on Cloudberry that I was chosen by her to be part of a blog hop! So, a woman that I admire that lives in Norway that I will probably never ever meet in person follows my blog and what I'm doing and enjoys it! I was so touched to read that message!!!! So, next Monday, I'll be participating in the Creativity Blog Hop. So, look for that.

So, this is a big thank you post to the other bloggers out there.
Thank you for sharing your life with us. You inspire others and teaching others..
or by bringing a smile to someone's face...showing not only your successes but failures and images of "real life." Messy homes and perfectly kept homes...beautiful farms and every day working farms....beautiful knitting projects and frogged projects that sit in a coiled ball of yarn on the and more. It makes all of this so much fun.
It's a pleasure to be a part of this blogging community!



  1. nice post, Leanne ~ right back at ya :)
    (ps. have you heard from Jared? fingers and toes are starting to get sore from being crossed in good luck wishes!)

    1. Lol!!!! No news other than an email saying they received my application and they will notify anyone for an in person interview after June 26th which feels like forever!!!!!

    2. July 26th isn't that far away...only 288 hours...or 17,280 minutes...or 1,036,800 seconds :))))

  2. oh leanne, i loved this many of the words i could have written myself. well not the part that my parents own an alpaca farm :(

    i adore your family (all those cute little boys) and your story too. i too, was amazed that anyone would read my stories or enjoy my pictures!! great entry....awesome images!!!

  3. I never tire how blogging knits us together in friendships. Lovely post and lovely photos!

  4. I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. Thanks for doing it so I can keep up with you guys from all the way over here.

  5. I found your blog through Ginny's yarn along. I love reading your blog and you take great photo's. I'm in Connecticut. Not too far away.I'm also learning to knit. Id take one of your classes if you were closer.....