Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yarn Along...After the Lightning


Well, it has been quite a week around here. The Jersey Shore has been slammed with thunderstorms and extreme rain the past few days. We have had more rain in a short amount of time than I can remember! And the lightning and thunder! We were the unfortunate people that were hit by lightning.
Yes. I said it. HIT BY LIGHTNING! Ok...maybe not direct hit, but VERY CLOSE!
It hit my parent's sprinkler system (it's attached to their house) and blew it up across the yard and in the same strike we lost all power, a blown up lightbulb, killed tvs, satellite, internet. My parents lost a tv in the process too. SCARY! But thankfully we are all ok and the houses are ok.
The computers were all safe. THANK GOODNESS!!!! I need my computer for work and I have so much info an photos on here. Makes me realize that I REALLY need to back this thing up!
Wow...I'm using a lot of all caps. Sorry.'s yarn along day.
And thanks to the nice Verizon repair man that visited this morning, I now have a new functioning modem and back with the online world. So I can share in the yarn along fun with everyone else.

Here goes....
I finished another Outlander Cowl. I used gray alpaca yarn from the Coop.

And new knitting. Using the remainder of the gray skein, I casted on the Standing Stones Cowl.
My dear friend and her son will be moving to Germany in a few weeks for work and she'll live there for 3 years. So, of course I needed to make them some knitted gear to remind them of home and keep them nice and toasty.
I also enjoyed listening to the podcast of an interview with Jared Flood. I really enjoyed hearing the process of dyeing the fiber and his painting major background. Gotta love other art school peeps.

Fresh flowers that Chase and I collected from the farm this week. In a small pottery vase that I think Lizzie made in college.

Still working on this book...........just not loving it. But many of you have said to keep going. So I am :) I am not giving up....yet.

Wishing everyone a good week. Join in the fun over at Ginny's Blog for more yarn alongers.


  1. What a thoughtful gift to make for your friend. That will definitely give her a hug from far away when she needs it.

  2. I really enjoyed that podcast with Jared! I love how your Outlander Cowl came out and I can't wait to see your Standing Stones!

  3. Gorgeous wool! I love that outlander cowl, so cozy.
    I had a hard time getting into that book too...but it did eventually happen :)

  4. Beautiful cowls and I'm sure your friend will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

  5. Yes, keep reading, it's one of my favorites.
    We have been getting those storms here too and sat without power last night, no fun.

  6. Hopping over from the Yarn Along. What a scary experience to be hit by lightening!

    Love the cowl and the yarn for your new project looks very cozy. Your friends are very lucky - I'm sure they'll love the gift.

  7. Scary about the tvs and the storms. We lost power on Sunday night and I was beside myself. Lasted four hours but felt like forever. I have that book on my shelf so can't wait to hear all about it!!!