Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy 3rd Birthday to our littlest boy, Chase.
You are truly the funniest little kid I have ever met and I know I am not alone in that statement.
In the same breath, you are more exhausting than all our your brothers put together.
You keep us on our toes with your quick wit, humor, funny faces, stubbornness, non stop talking, running, climbing and silliness. But your gentle nature around animals shows your very soft and caring side and it's probably my favorite thing about you.

I prayed for you for a very long time and I am so proud and happy that I get to be your mom.
We love you so much kiddo.

Love, Mom & Dad
Big Brothers, Dalton & Garrett
Jeter, Tess

MomMom, Grandpop, Aunt Andee & Uncle Sean, Brady, Shea, Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Nick, Wade, Grant, Harper, Finn, the birds, the fishies, and of course, the herd.

(I used to name every alpaca in the bday wishes but there are too many)


  1. SO precious! happy birthday dear chase!! happy birthday to you too mama!

  2. add my birthday wishes to the list as well ~ I enjoy getting to watch you grow up every day, Chase
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY #3 !!!!