Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing. Warm weather, bathing suits, keeping critters and humans cool. Good stuff.

Chase and I took a walk last night to say hi to the pacas and he wanted to show the pacas that he is wearing underwear now. Yes, potty training my youngest has begun. Oh joy. One of those things that you really can't avoid as a parent. Last night was his first successful experience and it happened in the alpaca field. Of course it did. Why wouldn't it?!!!

So, sharing a few pictures from our walk....

"See Kigo? I wear underwear now!"

 The tiniest grape tomato plant of all time! He picks them all off before I even get to try one.

And some knitting....
I taught a session of the advanced beginner class Tuesday night. 
A great class for those that are ready to go beyond knitting a square!

I knitted up a gift for a friend's son. Yup, way too big. Yikes.
This one will find a home in the coop now. Need to cast on a smaller one this time.
Chase thought it was funny.

Reading...Trying so hard to get into this book. I've been told it takes 200 pgs to get into it.
Hmmm. I'm on 75. Hoping it picks up a little. And knitting a cowl using alpaca yarn from the coop.
It's a small version of the Outlander Cowl.

More advanced beginner prep work.
I really love this little leaf pattern.

Have a great rest of the week. Looks like the weather here at the Jersey Shore is going to be picture perfect this weekend! Yay!!!



  1. Chase makes me laugh every time. What a character he is. :)
    I know this much is true, is one of my favorite books. I know it is hard to get into, but it is really worth it. Any of Wally Lamb's books are. :)

    1. He certainly is a character!!!! I'm going to hang in there with the book. It's been recommended to me many times so I trust it will hook me soon!

  2. Beautiful photos as always!
    I wish I lived on a farm like yours :)
    I've nominated you as one of my favorite blogs in a blog hop and hope you would join and write a post next monday :) I know I should have asked you before I wrote the post, but it's been super busy around here as we have gotten a puppy :)

  3. I'm so jealous of the potty training. So, so jealous.