Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn Along, Birthday Zoo Trip and Farm Fun

Hello! Happy Wednesday aka Yarn Along Day.
I'm going to bombard you with photos. Sorry. You've been warned.
A lot has been going on around here lately and I wanted to share the fun!
Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along Fun.

So here goes....
Knitting first.
I am on a "finishing" role! I knitted away all week and finished up my Pendulum Scarf.
I named it, Strawberry Fields because of the colors I chose.

I also finished up (well....kind of finished up) my Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL Shawl. 
This was left very neglected for months in my bookshelf. So I picked it up to start again and had zero clue where I had ended. I knew that I was just about done with Clue 4 but no idea what row. order to finish it without totally screwing up what I had already done, and to keep the shawl to one skein of MadelineTosh, I just did a garter edge and casted off.
So, it's Clue 1-4. No 5. Oh well. So it's blocking this morning in the warm weather.

Yay!!!!! NEW PROJECT! I love new projects. Since the day the BT Kids collection was released, I've been aching to get one of these sweaters on my needles.
I felt like Chase just HAD to have a new sweater. I also thought it could fit him all winter and then be passed onto Wade and Grant. I am using Beaverslide Worsted Yarn in colorway Glacier Shadow.
I started last night and I'm cruising right along.

This is the Wyatt sweater by BT Kids.

And this is not new knitting, but I just entered it into the County Fair.
Opening night is tonight but I am teaching a knitting lesson so we'll hopefully be headed there tomorrow. I always love the Monmouth County Fair.
The animals, tractors, farmers, etc. Just plain old fun!

This shawl is the Juneberry Shawl from Brooklyn Tweed.
I dropped the shawl off on Monday and it was fun to see the behind the scenes set up.
I snapped a few "before" pictures.

More pictures from the week...
My youngest boy turned 3 this week. We celebrated with some cupcakes on his bday and then a trip to the zoo a few days later!
Turtleback Zoo was great!!!!

We have also had lots of fun outside farm time.

Sorry for the photo overload!
Hope you all have a great week.
I also want to wish all of our blogging friends that are headed to Shetland for the knitting trip of a lifetime!
I'll be anxiously awaiting all of your photos!



  1. Your shawl came out great! The colors are so complimentary. And for the record - there are NEVER too many photos! They are awesome!

    1. Haha! Thanks Donna. Glad you don't mind my overloading of pictures! I take so many and it's hard to edit it down!!!

  2. Such a fun post! And the knitting is gorgeous! :)

  3. what fun!!! love all the photos! what a lot of fun! and that shawl you entered is so delicate and beautiful!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. The shawl was a tricky one, so I though it was worth entering. Headed to the fair tonight hopefully and I'll see how it did.

  4. Fabulous photos and fantastic knitting! :)

  5. Great pictures! Your projects are amazing!

  6. Your shawls turned out great. I really love the color combo on strawberry fields - unique but perfect.

  7. Your Pendulum Scarf is beautiful and I really like the colours you've chosen. I've added this project to my Ravelry queue - I've added so many things I've seen on Yarn Along today!! Probably got enough to keep me busy until I'm an old lady :)

    1. Yarn Along day will do that to your queue!!!! Love Wednesdays.

  8. Your knits are beautiful and the Turtle Back Zoo looked like so much fun!!!!! Hopefully I can go next time!

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful knitting, beautiful family! Love to see all the smiles :)

  10. what a wonderful blog post. Your shawls are gorgeous. Hope you do well at the county fair. Just had to comment though on that darling little birthday boy you have. He so reminds me of my son, who is now 18, with those loose curls atop his head. Sadly, my son now keeps his hair extremely short to tame his curls but looking at your son brings back some great memories. That zoo is amazing by the way. Love the huge sunflowers.