Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blog Hop: Creativity!

Last week, Hege over at Cloudberry invited me to join in with a blog hop. Everyone taking part answers three questions about creativity and then nominates two of their favourite bloggers to do the same. I was so honored to be chosen to participate! You can read about my blogging experience in this blog post.

1 ::  What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table in the last week?
I tend to knit on my couch in the morning or at night when the kids are all settled and dinner is done. But the nights and afternoons have been beautiful the past few days so I've found myself knitting for hours on the front porch of the farm store (it's in my backyard) I am constantly knitting something. New things, half finished things, dreaming of knits, things for the farm store, things for friends, things for me, things for the boys. This week, I had a few things going.
A friend of mine is moving to Germany for the next three years with her 12 year old son.
She's headed there for work and I'm going to miss seeing them so much!
I thought there was no better going away gift than some hand knits to keep them warm while reminding them of home. So, I knitted up an Outlander Cowl in gray alpaca for her and a fair isle hat for him. I'm just realizing now that I never took a photo of the hat. oops. And I gave it to them today. So hopefully someday I'll receive a photo from Germany with it on his head! Hint, hint Rita.
I finished up a teal colored alpaca cowl for the farm store.
I made some major progress on my Pendulum Scarf (which I've named Strawberry Fields)
I am in the top picture finishing it! I just bound off:) Now I need to weave in ends and block. Loved the yarn for this project. I bought in on my trip to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this past May. It's from Marigold Jen. Beautiful fun colors and bouncy yarn that is a joy to knit.

I also got some more rows complete on my "Stole for Fall" scarf.

And I just got our new yarn tags in. I designed them for our farm yarn skeins. I'm very pleased with them. Can't wait for the farm yarn to arrive in the fall.

2 :: Where are you currently finding your inspiration?
Everywhere! Too broad? Ok...let's narrow it down.
I mentioned last week that we were struck by lightning and lost a bunch of things including tv.
I love tv. I'm not one of those people that thinks tv rots your brain. I enjoy it. Yes, I do.
However, we have not had tv for a week now. So I entered the podcast listening world on my phone.
Oh boy. A whole other level of knitting dorkiness!!!! I have discovered the Knitmore Girls and I've been listening non stop while I knit. They inspired me to finish up my half done projects while they compete in the "stash dash". It's helped! 

For other inspiration, I am constantly viewing Pinterest, instagram (a lot), Ravelry (too much), blogs, anything Brooklyn Tweed (hint, hint...hire me) and most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings, the alpacas, the fields out my front window, my yarn stash and colors surrounding me.

3 :: How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?
 Luckily, my job is a creative job. I am a graphic designer by day which forces me to be creative even if I'm not in the mood. Knitting keeps my creative juices flowing. I also love to embroider when I can.
Being creative is a part of my every day. I need it. It's a part of me. I can't imagine not having a creative outlet. However, my house tends to be less than organized and tidy. I blame the creative brain. :) So balancing it with my family and life is just a part of our life. My husband has learned that sometimes we can't eat at the dining room table if I have something blocking. And sometimes I have to spend a few hours crafting to keep me sane. I think my family "gets it."  I know my creative friends and sisters "get it." It's just a way of life for me.

Now, on to my nominated bloggers:

I nominate: 
Andee @ Matchthepictures Andee is my middle sister and her blog is full of beautiful photography, her knits and my cute nephews. She is designing her own patterns now and they're amazing. I do not have the math brain, but she does. So hop on over there and visit her. you'll enjoy it!

I also nominate:
I know that Lori is going on the dream knitting trip to Shetland soon, so she may not be able to participate in the blog hop for next week, but I don't care. Her blog is beautiful, inspiring and full of beautiful knitting, photography and more. Hop on over there and you'll love it too. I promise.
 Thank you again to Hege for nominating me. I am honored.

Happy Knitting friends!


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  1. Love your post!
    We've had some beautiful weather here too lately, so there's been lots of outdoor knitting :)
    And your Pendulum scarf is beautiful!