Monday, January 11, 2016

"My" Knitters

 After a busy holiday season in the coop, "my" knitters gathered together to hang out, knit together, catch up and have some knitting fun. I call them "my" knitters...because they are :) I care about everyone so much and it makes me incredibly happy to see them hard at work on a craft I love. 
I have had the pleasure over the past year and a half to teach many people how to knit as well as learn more and further their knitting. Everyone around this table has taken this journey with me.

And they brought me goodies....they are THE BEST!

p.s. a lot of the photos were taken by Chase.

Just a quick note on these two photos of Purple Debbie. Chase took 99 photos of her. Yes, 99. I counted. She didn't want me to post any....hah. Here's 2. I love this lady.

 And here are the goodies they brought. awesome are they?

 Handmade beeswax candles by Seashore Sharon

A knitting murder mystery book!!!! Honey and tea from Purple Debbie.

 And you'll notice that yummy wine from Joella. I enjoyed it!!!

So thankful for my people that make me happy and love to knit.

You guys are the best.

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  1. all i can remember chase saying was "ooooo, that's a good one" i am wondering, where are they??!! no fair, we had a deal!!!! i do like the one with my hand over my face.

    i love you too leanne and i had a wonderful time on saturday!!!! have fun this saturday, what a great adventure you have planned!!!