Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New podcast

Hi friends!

Do you listen to podcasts? I do and I love them. I must admit that my sister, Andee listened to podcasts long before me and I thought she was nuts. Sorry Andee. I was SOOOOOO wrong!

Podcasts are a wonderful way to learn, be entertained, and it feels like having an adult conversation when you're surrounded by kids, housework or regular work! I really enjoy listening to a variety of podcasts. 

SOOOO I was super excited to see that our very own Laura Gesin has a new podcast!!!
I met Laura first online and then she signed up for a fair isle class with me last summer.
She lives right here in Wall and is a technology teacher at Communications High School.
She also has a jacob sheep farm in the area! Laura is smart, funny, witty and all around awesome.

Laura tells us that she had a podcast years ago and then Sandy hit us and derailed her recording. She just started up again and released a brand new podcast last night.

So hop on over to her site and take a listen!

And while we are on the subject of podcasts, I am always looking for new ones.
So if you are a podcast fan, list your favorites in the comment section.

For a quick list of my other favorites besides Laura's (of course)...

The Fat Squirrel Speaks (video....sooooo funny)
Knitmore Girls (audio mom and daughter team)
Susan B Anderson (video)
Woolful (Ashley interviews fiber folk)
Serial (season 1... the case of Adnan Syed)
This American Life (various topics and interviews)
A Slob Comes Clean (a new one for me. For people that hate to clean!)
Modern Farm Girls (2 woman that left the corporate world to farm their own land)
Never Not Knitting
The Knit Wits (this husband wife duo are very funny. They haven't recorded in over a year but the old ones are worth listening to)

Congrats again to Laura for rejoining the podcast world!


  1. Thanks for this list. I have listed to a few podcasts before, but might get started again!

  2. I just started watching podcasts. Started with Fat Squirrel, on your recommendation, and expanded my horizons with Knit Girllls. Yes, it is 3 L's. They are a weekly video podcast with a similar format to Fat Squirrel. I'll have to check out the rest of your list.

  3. Thanks for the mention! I am enjoying a return to the podcasting world :) I'll add one to your list of recommended podcasts: Sticks + Twine - Eric is in Toronto, works in design, and his podcast is so much fun to watch while knitting. He only has a couple of videos on YouTube, but he does seem to record on almost a weekly basis. A good one to get you through the snowy weather coming our way!