Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just saying hi

Well, I'm at my work desk and I realized that I completely forgot to take my knitting pictures for the yarn along. SO imagine in your head, a fair isle yoke sweater with a completed sleeve and the start of a second. Pretty?! Yup. It is if I do say so myself.  There's a picture of the sweater as it was on Sunday during Dalton's birthday party. He turned 14. Had his buddies over to watch the football games. I love having the kids over. They're a riot to listen to.

A lot to catch up on....we celebrated New Years in the usual Warwick/Sherman/Donahue/Applegate way. Lots of family, cousins, food, food, more food, banging pots and pans, games, laughing and football games. It's a 71 year old tradition that keeps on going thanks to my parents and cousins that host year after year.

This is a view from above of our LCR game. Garrett was the big winner!

My favorite part of the party was watching Wade fall asleep on his belly and everyone watching and laughing. It was so cute.

It's always the highlight of new years when I get to hang with my oldest friend, Kevin for two days. He travels the world for work and pleasure but he always comes back to hang with us for New Years. We have been friends since kindergarten. Oldest friends certainly make the best friends.

The chickens have been very busy. They haven't slowed down at all with egg production!

New year, new calendar. This was made by the talented artist that won the Rhinebeck cover art competition last fall. She and I have formed a relationship through the contests and festivals. I always buy something she has created. She's so talented.

And because Chase makes me's a text message from my friend, Jen. She teaches at the preschool where Chase goes and drives him home for me while I'm working. This was a conversation they had the other day....

And on a very sad note, our friends lost their home in a house fire on New Years Eve. The cause of the fire is still unknown. It began in the garage and the investigator can't find the cause as of now. It began in the center of the garage. They don't own a hover board (EVERYONE asks that question!!!)
They are now displaced and staying in a hotel but in the end, everything will be ok.
As my friend keeps saying, everything could be a lot worse. Her husband, daughter and dog were home when it began. They were sleeping and a neighbor noticed the blaze and thankfully banged on the door and everyone escaped without injury. We put together a fundraiser in one day and in 2 hours, we had close to $20,000 in donations, gift cards, cash, checks to provide some immediate relief to the family. It's pretty amazing to see a community come together so quickly to help them. 

On a funny note, James, my son's very good friend whose house burned, said to me that he hopes he gets some attention from girls at school from this fire! Got to love a 13 year old boy. We all had a good laugh. Dalton reported to me that James got at least 6 hugs on Monday.

Have a great Wednesday. Hope you're staying warm!!!

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