Friday, January 8, 2016

Shawl Knit-A-Long

I posted this photo yesterday and a mention of a possible knit-a-long.

I had a lot of interested knitters that would like to knit with me!
You guys are the BEST. So what do ya say?

Let's cast on and knit something beautiful.
I'll make a group thread over on the Arrow Acres Farm ravelry group where we can post our progress.

Here's a link to the pattern page.

I just purchased the pattern (it originally ran as a Mystery KnitALong so you'll see clues)

I'm going to knit mine with alpaca yarn. Not sure what color, but I'm leaning towards cream just like the picture. 

No official start or end date....cast on when you wish and end when you can.
Happy knitting!

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  1. i love the image/knitted piece but i don't understand the info???? i will talk to you tomorrow!!!