Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plans...of the knitting kind

I'm having a hard time at work today. Most days I'm ok. I plug along and enjoy my work. But some days are slow and then my mind my kids and how I miss them and being home when they walk in the door. So yeah, it's one of those days today.

So I have been filling my afternoon with knitting and crafting day dreaming.

I stumbled on some blogs today and it led me to this pattern.

You know when you see a pattern and you say YES! I need to knit that. NOW.
This one did this for me. It would be heaven in some alpaca don't you think???

I can see myself wrapped up in this while I'm at work.

The pattern was a mystery knit along that ran in the fall.

I think I need to cast on as soon as I finish up my fair isle sweater sleeve. Oh, and my husband's sweater....and my blue sweater. hmmmm. I can have a few projects at once right?!!!
Hey, a girl can day dream can't she?

Anyone want to join me and knit this too? Come would be fun.


  1. Oh my! This shawl looks absolutely divine! I am sure you will make a masterpiece!

  2. I've been eyeballing this one after following the KAL on Instagram. It's so gorgeous! This one and the Doodler are fighting for the top spot in my queue right now.

  3. Is this what you started yesterday?? It is GORGEOUS!!

  4. I would love to make that with you!! Bea