Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Days

Well, they were right. We got snow. Lots of it. Thankful for my dad and his tractor and snowblower. If it wasn't for him and Nick, we would all still be stuck in our houses and animals would be stuck in barns.Chase was the only kid in my house that wanted to play in the snow. 
Again, looks like I only have one kid! Glad Wade and Grant invited us over for some snow fun!

Overall, everything went well for us. We never lost power.
There was flooding in Manasquan (according to the news).

Here are some photos from my phone over the course of the two days....
I spent all day Saturday knitting, cooking and watching How to Get Away With Murder.
I binged watched 10 episodes of the first season. Yes, 10! That's a lot of tv. And I couldn't get enough of it!!!!!!!! Wow!!!  Also got a ton of knitting done on my "Daydream Shawl" aka 

I finished up the edge and moved on to the garter stitch short rows. I love it.

Hope you faired well in the storm!

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  1. boy that chase, always stealing the hardly notice the snow!! we faired very well, same view minus the alpacas!!!