Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yarn Along

A day late, but I can do.

I finished knitting my "daydream" shawl last night.
The actual pattern name is: 

It was a pleasure to knit.

Knitted with Cascade Pure Alpaca in an off-white color.

Hoping to get some pictures of the whole shawl sometime this weekend.

I have a book coming to me called, A Little Life. I heard it's a tear jerker but an amazing book that's worth the read. It's long and I think I'm in the mood for a nice long book. My knitting projects are all wrapping up right now and it's a good idea to give my body a knitting break. My shoulder and elbow aren't thrilled with all my knitting these days.

Happy knitting!
 Joining in with Ginny for the weekly yarn along.


  1. it's just gorgeous leanne, everything about it!! you have so much talent!! one day, perhaps, you can do a class for the gurnsey (sp) triangle, everyone in class seemed pretty interested!! i know i am ;))))))))))

  2. It looks lovely, but I can only imagine how IT MUST FEEL!

  3. Thank you all for the nice comments! It's a dreamy knit for sure. Soft and pretty.