Friday, January 27, 2023

I knit when...

I knit when I'm happy. I knit when I'm sad. I knit when I watch tv. I knit when I watch sports. I knit when I have a spare minute. 

But I REALLY knit when I'm stressed. 

When my mind is racing with worry, I knit. Even better, I cast on a new project. As my hands keep busy knitting, my mind and worries slow down a bit. Knitting is how I cope. It's what makes the hard times manageable. When my dog was sick over Christmas, I sat under the dining room table with him, knitting in hand. I knit and knit and knit.

We have had a very sad and emotional week over here. A dear family member is fighting for her life right now after battling illness for the past year. We all feel like we are in quicksand. Unable to function much and worrying every second of the day.  So I started one of my 2023 Rhinebeck Sweaters. Through my tears and worries, I have been knitting. Row by row, my stress has gone into this sweater. I pray for peace and healing. And as I do that, I will continue knitting. 



  1. ooooh lee, it's gorgeous, really gorgeous!! i think about your families, all the time. how lucky you are to have someone you both love so much. i said a prayer, today and yesterday. it's not usually my vibe but i really wanted to do something!!

  2. My thoughts are with you during this trying time. I craft in many ways to ease my stress, but unfortunately I mostly eat when I am stressed.