Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Drink the coffee, do the things, and knit!

 I don't typically have more than two projects going at once. I like to have a long-term project like a sweater on my needles at all times. I also like to have some quicker travel friendly projects, baby hats, etc., that I can sell in the coop or gift to people.

I have had a few custom baby blanket orders lately so I knitted up another Knit Four Points Baby BlanketKnit Four Points Baby Blanket. This time I used Lionbrand Mandala Ombre skeins. I picked two different color ways and set them up opposite of each other. This is a really easy and quick knit if you need a baby blanket gift. I knit it on big needles and the yarn is super soft. 

I also did some more knitting on my Jupiter Crop sweater. This project was sitting in a bag for a while because I ran out of the main color yarn. My friend Mandy had an extra skein in her stash and so kindly mailed it to me. Knitting friends are the best right?! The sweater is supposed to be short sleeves but I prefer long or 3/4 length. So I made mine to end right above my watch. I've heard people calling this "bracelet length" lately and I think that's a perfect way to describe it!
It is supposed to be worn as a cropped sweater and although I made it considerable longer than the pattern called for, it's still not me...I just don't look good in that style with my body type. One day I will learn!!!! SO, the plan is to steek it when I'm done with the sleeves. I think I'll get more use out of it as a cardigan. And my mom gave me so me pretty buttons for Christmas that will be perfect! So that's the plan.

I'm still working on my Mountain Mist sweater. I have an inch to go and I'll be ready to split for my sleeves.

Thank you for the kind messages and prayers for my sister's mother in law. She is day to day right now and not out of the woods by any means. It's heartbreaking, a rollercoaster of emotions and it's just so sad. But we have each other for support and we are praying for a miracle!  For now I will keep drinking the coffee, doing the things and KNIT!

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  1. hi leanne, i have 2 "wip's"...when i first starting watching the podcast i had no idea what a wip was!! everything looks great, i really like the color changes in this baby blanket. the sweaters are so you, the styles and colors!! i said a little prayer today, for strength and comfort, for everyone!!