Sunday, August 28, 2011

All is well

Irene has moved through and thankfully no major damage was done.

The alpacas didn't fly away.

Some flooding at the beach and looks like the boardwalk took a hit.
We lost a few limbs, the brook is very high and overall a bit swampy around the farm.

My crew decided to brave the storm at "headquarters"

Nick and Finn surveying the damage

The water in the brook is very high and fast moving

The alpacas would have lived in the garage if it got too bad.

My front yard. Thankfully all trees stayed up!!! Thanks trees. I like our little house.

Morning with the Coppola boys.

Breakfast at headquarters.

I knitted so much that I am sore today.

So the news had us all freaked and thankfully, this storm was nothing more than an excuse to hang out together and eat a lot of cheeseballs.

Hope everyone is ok!


  1. I didn't stay at headquarters. We have been without power for over 24 hours. Boo hoo. They said it might be a week before we get power back.

  2. Well, except for the branch patrol part---what could be nicer than hanging out and eating cheese balls! Yum. A cook after my own heart!

  3. that happens! lol. those pesky newscasters like to get us all freaked out. love the cheese balls with a spoon. much better than getting all that orange stuff on one's fingers!


  4. i was eating cheese balls with a spoon because it was breakfast, and it's just not appropriate to eat them with your fingers that early in the day! :)