Thursday, August 18, 2011

That's Garbage

Over the summer I have been using my reusable grocery bags on most of our outings. So on my last few trips to the grocery store I noticed I didn't have any clean reusable bags. The ones I had are filled with sand, toys, diapers or other misc items. So now I am left with a big pile of plastic bags, which my husband insists I just toss in the trash. But I refuse and insist I'll find a use for them.

A few people have asked me for spinning lessons and I haven't given any because I feel like I am still learning myself. But a light went off in my head that I could cut the plastic bags into strips and knit my own reusable bags. I discovered this is a fantastic way to practice spinning. So for anyone out there that is leery about wasting roving for their first attempts at spinning, give those plastic bags a second chance.

I can tell my clown fish was pleased with my recycling efforts. He swims next to me while I knit.

Happy Knitting,



  1. You have reached a whole new level here. We may have to stage an intervention and GET YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!! Please go back to roving.

  2. Ha ha. As crazy at it is I think it extremely helpful in getting used to using a drop spindle. Since I dropped the spindle like a million times the first time I tried it. With the plastic it is harder to drop the spindle and you can adjust how much twist you are putting into the yarn (plastic). Of oourse you can just toss the plastic bags after spinning it.