Monday, August 1, 2011

Put those kids to work

I was in my car, heading out for a walk through Allaire State Park with my boys when I spotted a little three year old hosing down some alpacas.

This is Brady. He's Andee and Sean's oldest boy. MomMom aka "the bean queen" let him hose down the herd.

How cute is he?

I still think it's funny every time I see alpacas playing in water. I wonder if they could swim if they had to. That would be an interesting sight. Horses can swim. Maybe they can too.

Here's a picture of MomMom and Brady.

Looks like Awan was one happy boy in these pictures.

Hope you're finding ways to stay cool with this summer heat.
Enjoy your week!

I'll be back with a yarn along on Wednesday.



  1. I think Brady is going to make a great alpaca farmer when he grows up.

  2. It must be a concern keeping livestock cool and hydrated in the heat. I didn't think of that. We just have cats here, but some of them like AC and some of them find a warm spot to hole up in. ( I usually respond to comments, but can't find an e-mail address for you. Thanks for commenting at Up North, though.)

  3. We are having to do the same thing with our chickens because it's just so blast hot! I am so ready for fall!xx