Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Night Knitting

We had knitting club last night at my house.
Great company, wine, food, yarn piles, patterns being downloaded, yarn being wound, kids and babies all around. A good way to spend a Thursday night.

Quinn and her hand-dyed yarn (and one fancy band-aid)

Lizzie making cowls for farm day

Lizzie and Dalton having a laugh at a YouTube video

Shalom is blocked! Quinn's first sweater.

Knitted Gifts

We decided to knit each other a secret santa gift for the holidays. So in order to give ourselves enough time, we picked names out of a wine glass.
(I felt this was the most appropriate way to pick!)
I'm excited to find the perfect pattern for my pick. I wonder who got me??? Should I start sending pattern hints to everyone?

Picking names....

(I had to add this photo to the blog today. Tara looked mighty happy in the Wednesday post...which was totally fake. She hates knitting this scarf because the yarn is a pain in the you know what...this is a more appropriate picture of her. Gotta love her)

Wishing all a wonderful weekend!

Happy Knitting


  1. Oh, I think it would be fun to have a knitting group in someone's home! Our knitters meet in the afternoon at the library, which is cool---but we don't get any wine, you can be sure!

    Your girls look lovely, even when they stick their tongues out.

  2. thanks for the 'truth' photo! i like the idea of the knitting night! i feel like weekly i have too much going on, but maybe once a