Friday, August 19, 2011

Alpacas Playing

We have been heavy on the knitting posts around here. So I thought I would throw in a little video of some alpacas playing. Taken a few weeks ago...but still cute.

And a picture from today of my little guys saying hello to the herd.

Have a great weekend! -Leanne


  1. Aren't they cute doing that "neck" maneuver that they do? I was driving home on Wednesday and two fawns were playing in the yard of an apartment complex around the corner from our street. They appeared to be totally oblivious to the traffic.

    Now that it's cooler, I'm dying to work with some of my alpaca yarn!

  2. They are so adorable.
    Thanks for the plastic bag spinning tip, I will be trying this. I have been taking a stack of bags, cover with baking paper, and ironing them. I want to cut them out and try to sew them together into a stronger reusable bag. I'll let you know how it works.xx

  3. I know a woman who takes feed/seed bags (the only way i can describe the fabric is a plastic mesh? does that make any sense?) ANYWAY! she takes those bags, cool logos and all, cuts them and sews them, and uses straps that she finds from other recycled materials, and makes these great bags!!

    she also puts a thin piece of plywood in the bottom to keep it stiff.
    *she has chickens, and usually uses the chicken feed bags and they are sooo cool!*