Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to our yarn along. Lots and lots of knitting going on over at Arrow Acres. Summer doesn't slow us down...oh no. Not even newborn babies can keep us away!

In the past week, I have mastered holding a new baby and knitting. Now, I do realize that this time is fleeting because before I know it, he will be grabbing at my needles and unwinding my balls of yarn, but for now, he's a lump and just watches me.

So here goes for this week:

On Leanne's Needles (and what I'm reading...)

Pumpkin Sweater for the little man.

Liz, Quinn and I headed up to a local yarn store this weekend for their sidewalk sale. I picked up my very first skeins of this Spud and Chloe yarn. It's the most wonderful shade of orange. I really wanted to make an orange sweater for the baby to wear throughout the fall. Orange is a funny color to get "just right". Well, this is just right. And it's squishy and wonderful.

I'm reading The School of Essential Ingredients
It was sent to me by Elizabeth Johnson from Abenaki Acres. Thanks Elizabeth! I'm loving it. Except it makes me hungry all the time!!!!

Andee took this picture of me over the weekend. We were hanging out in the rv at the beach campsite. This picture pretty much sums me up. A newborn in my lap, knitting in my hand and a sandwich. The perfect way to spend an afternoon!

On Liz's crochet hook:

Liz's husband went camping this weekend and she made a cowl.

For this cowl I used Twinkle yarn from Wooly Monmouth.

Super chunky yarn, and a HUGE hook :)
Chain 24" long (wrap around your neck, if you would like it looser, keep going until you are comfortable!! *that's right! no counting in this project!!
Row 1-5: DC in every ch across row. ch2, turn.
after last row (of course you can make wider if you'd like! mine measures in at 7" wide)
next step, make a SC boarder around the 24" sides and one of the 7" ends. to do this, start at a corner, and SC into the top of every DC on the 24" side. when you get to the next corner, sc 3 times into the corner stitches to make it turn around the corner.
SC into each st on the short end (you may have to try different amounts of sc here, too many will make it ruffle, too few will make it pucker. use your judgment! i ended up with 3 in corner, 7 across the end, and 3 in the next corner.
On last edge (7") SC across, ch1 turn, and SC 4 rows (this makes the flat area to attach buttons... DC are big enough on other end to slip right over large buttons, so no need for button holes!!

She is also making her second shrug sweater. SOOOO pretty. The color isn't showing up in the photo as nicely as it looks in person. It's a great shade of deep purple/brown.
She's making this with Inca Cotton.

Here's the link for the pattern:

On Andee's Needles:

1. Booties

Yarn- Andee Alpaca yarn hand dyed by Liz

2. Awan Roving

3. Awan Yarn

Hand spun 100% alpaca

4. Baby Cable Hat

Yarn- Frog Tree Meriboo
Size- Infant to Toddler

5. It has a mamma and baby alpaca on the front.

Yarn1- Frog Tree Meriboo
Yarn2- Melody Alpaca
This is turning out to be a hat for my boys.

Have a great day and happy knitting!



  1. It all looks great!! Leanne, you do not look like you just had a baby!

  2. Thanks :) Luckily, I bounced back quickly from this little guy.

  3. what great projects!! I also just fell in love with spud and chloe yarn! That sweater looks adorable!!

  4. oh my goodness! each of these little projects look beautiful! i want a pair of those booties for myself!


  5. So much great knitting! And I totally agree that looks like a perfect afternoon :)

  6. The picture of baby/knitting/sandwich/you is the picture of contentment.

    And I agree that the booties are the cutest! All the projects look great though!

  7. Love that photo of you in baby/knitting/sandwich heaven.
    There is a lot of knitting and crochet going on in your world! Those booties are the best!

  8. Ohhh that indeed is a very lovely shade of orange. Now I'm in the mood for autumn! And I love the picture of your combined afternoon activities, marvellous =)