Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday! Once again, joining in on the yarn along fun, I bring you just a small sampling this week. I'm also adding some of my reading into the mix. I tend to forget that part of the yarn along. I had grand plans of reading a lot while I nursed the baby, so I stocked up on some books before his birth. Yeah....that's not happening the way I thought it would. I've read half of Shadow of the Wind, half of The School of Essential Ingredients and now I have Let the Whole World Spin and Secret Daughter on my nightstand. I'm managing fitting knitting in more than reading. I think the reading make my eyes tired. Maybe I'll make it a goal to read a bit this week. I love to read. It's one of my favorite things. Just need to make it a priority now with a little one in the house again. on to knitting! How I do love knitting. I've fit in A LOT of knitting time at football practice. My middle guy plays EVERY night of the week from 6-8 so I've been on a roll. I was able to get a huge chunk of stockinette stitch done on my Bluebell Sweater. I'm almost done with the body and will have to add sleeves and the button band. I'm excited about this sweater. Should be the perfect light cardigan for fall. Love the color of the yarn. Beautiful blend of blues and greens. Pretty stuff.

Bluebell Cardigan:

Ravelry Link:

Potter's Booties:

Sending these out to a friend's new baby boy named Potter. Not sure where the name Potter came from, but I'm taking the Beatrix Potter angle and put some Potter buttons on them!
Anna, if you read this today, act surprised when the arrive!

Andee's Legwarmers

Fantastic and Soft!!!

Mosey Legwarmers
Ravelry Link

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Eco Duo
Craft: Knit
Needle: US 9 16" circular

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. That's quite a stack of reading! The Peasy looks beautiful, and I love Saartje's bootees - I made them a while ago for a new bub.

  2. I love the booties and the little buttons just send it over the top! xx

  3. Here is the link to my legwarmers on Ravelry (its a public link). Leanne will post them when she gets home later. I love these legwarmers.

  4. Those booties are so adorable! That is quite a stack of books you've got going. Sometimes I find that too many going at once and I never get anywhere with anything. I hope you find some reading time soon :)

  5. Booties are always so very cute, but the rabbit button? So freaking adorable, I love it!!

  6. Very cute booties. I've made several of these but they were all one color as opposed to two. Love the color of the sweater!

  7. The booties are adorable! I may just have to try a pair....have one due in a couple of months. I'm a new knitter, but have already realized how much I love the portability of it! I think I'll get a lot done while waiting at kid's practices, too :)

  8. My kids are adults now and their friends still remember that I used to knit at their games. I couldn't knit during wrestling, though. You needed to "help" by twisting and yelling.

  9. Sweet, sweet booties. The button is the icing on the cake. As are the pom-poms on the leg warmers. What a neat idea.

  10. I have the Peasy in my queue, I need to start that soon! Yours is quite lovely and the little booties are adorable.

  11. So much beautiful knitting. Those booties with the little Peter Rabbit buttons are just darling. I have found that knitting allows me to enjoy so many of those "down time" moments when I have to wait to pick up someone, for an appointment, while the car is getting its oil changed, etc. It's so much nicer to improve the time with something creative! And if I had a football practice to attend for two hours a night, I think I'd get rather a lot of knitting done! Kathy at