Sunday, August 7, 2011

Farm News and Some Weekend Goodness

Farm News

I just wanted to update our knitting friends out there that our fleece is officially on it's way to becoming yarn. Woohoo! You should have seen what it looked like to mail 20 pounds of fleece in a small box. Crazy! Each alpaca has their own giant plastic bag full of their fleece. It then has to have the air pushed out and then put into a shipping box. This was a two person job. As soon as you let go of the bag, it would grow. Very weird looking! But it was a success and Arrow Acres yarn is on it's way. We hope to have this ready for our holiday open house.

Once again, we will open our farm to the public for
National Alpaca Farm Day
So mark your calendars for September 24th and 25th!
Our farm will be open to everyone. Spend the day on our farm, meet the alpacas, have some great food, shop our farm store and see knitting and spinning demonstrations. FUN!
I promise you will leave relaxed and happy.

A weekend walk at the farm...

My little man was fussy on Saturday and preferred to be outside. So we walked...and walked...and walked. And I grabbed my camera and took some shots of the farm.

(Chase sound asleep in his stroller. I guess the alpacas aren't exciting for him yet)

(The mamas, the babies and Geneva)
Just a quick comment on Geneva (second from the right)...she was not part of the original herd. She was brought to the farm along with Spicy. Since she has been here, I honestly have to say that I didn't get to know her. She's a pretty girl and she seemed sweet. But since I have had the baby, I go for lots of walks and go over to say hello more often. Geneva is the first to come over and want to say hello. She's a timid girl, but very very sweet. When she was at her old farm at Emelise Alpacas, see their website here:
she was in the pen with the babies because she was such a good nurturer and kept one of the sick alpacas company. So, Geneva is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I received a wonderful bag of yarn in the mail. happy that makes me!

This was first time I ever ordered yarn online. I think I'll do this more often! It's so exciting to get a beautiful package of yarn left on your doorstep. It feels like Christmas in August! You also quickly forget how much that yarn had cost you. Thanks Lizzie for your yarn swift and ball winder. What fabulous inventions.

The funny little wooden sign marking my road. Uncle Mayo made this sign probably over 25 years ago. I repainted it following his carved letters. He was the best. I'm sure he would love to see his old house filled with my happy children. Hopefully he knows...

I thought I would have an entire day of knitting yesterday. My husband took the older boys out for a day of fun and I had the baby and knitting ahead of me. Well, due to the numerous walks I had to go on, the knitting didn't really happen. BUT I was able to find some time while Chase napped in the shade to seam up his orange sweater. Now I need the perfect old man toggle and it will be complete. I tried it on him last night and it's so comfy. It should fit him perfectly for the fall and keep him warm while we watch all his big brothers sporting events.

The weather forecast for the day here at the Jersey Shore is rain. Thunderstorms and humidity galore...maybe TODAY I will knit the day away. And it's a good day to bake more zucchini bread. Yup, sounds like a plan.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend where ever you are!

- Leanne


  1. Will you be doing any mail order yourself once your fleece is spun? Inquiring knitters want to know?

  2. Ann, to answer your question, yes! We are in the process of setting up an online store. Very exciting.

  3. I love the new farm sign! I really wish I lived close so I could come and admire the farm in person.