Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

It's Wednesday...and that means lots of knitting pictures for you all. Believe it or not, Sherman girls do work, have families and manage to keep our houses somewhat clean and our kids get fed. I have a feeling that if someone saw the amount of knitting we do in a week, they would doubt that any of that was true.

I realized this week that knitting keeps me sane. Within minutes of that thought, I received a text message from my dear friend, Tara...It said..."I hate knitting". Well, at least most of us around here love knitting. She's more of a crochet girl along with Lizzie. It's ok. I don't judge.

(Tara...clearly faking that smile while she knits)

SO onto the pictures of what we are working on.......

Andee's Projects and her notes....

Item #1-
Fisherman Cowl
yarn: Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk
needle: US 6
Ravelry link
I love this pattern it is so soft and squishy

Item #2-
Leg Warmers
yarn: Cascade Yarns Eco Duo (70% undyed baby alpaca / 30% undyed merino wool)
needle: US 5 circular
pattern: Mosey by Susan Powers
This yarn is wonderful. When these leg warmers are done they will have cables and pom poms, very exciting.

Item #3-
Melody Bear
yarn: Sierra Melody & Buffalo Gal, 10% synthetic cashmere
yarn processed by Autumn Mist Fiber Mill
Sierra Melody is one of Arrow Acres Alpacas. This yarn was processed by the farm she was purchased from last year.
pattern: Andee original (I still need to put it in writing)
Ravelry link

Item #4-
Waterfall Cowl
yarn: Debbie Bliss alpaca silk
When I finished this my son told me it looked like a waterfall. I am hoping to find a nice fish clasp to pair with it. I am going to have to go do some fishing on Etsy.
Ravelry link

Item #5-
New Spindle
I custom made this spindle the other night. I was looking for a way to handspin thinner yarn. I don't have a spinning wheel and I don't think it would be safe for me to have spinning wheel in my house (my sons are age 3 and 2). I have seen what they can do to my sisters spinning wheel so until they are older I will have to stick to spindles for making my yarn. I absolutely love this spindle. I have made the softest yarn with it and I can't wait to make more yarn. I will also make some more of these spindles and if anyone is interested in buying them I can put them on Etsy or sell them at Farm Day. I will also post a video of how it works.

Item #6-
Handspun Alpaca Yarn
I have spun some black alpaca yarn and some of Awan's (Arrow Acres Farm alpaca). I got a new Ashford niddy noddy. Now it I can just get a ball winder and swift I'll be set.

Item #7-
Melody and Bing Hat
Ravelry link
I finished this hat from last week. I didn't get a good picture of my kids wearing it. It is a silly hat. I love it.

I also made a large set of samples of different samples of stitches. I made 10" x 10" blocks of different patterns. So someday if we finally get knitting classes going I'll have samples of different techniques.

Leanne's Projects
I finished the pumpkin sweater for Chase. I just need a toggle. He modeled it here, clearly with plenty of room to grow. Should be a perfect fit for Fall.

Funky Cowl

Making this out of yarn I scored at the sidewalk sale in Red Bank. Not my usual style, but I think it's going to be very cool....either that or it will look like something the cat threw up.

Sweet Pea Aran Pullover
Knitting this as a fall/winter sweater for Chase.
Yarn: Quince & Co. 'Lark'

Liz's Projects

She's almost done with her beautiful shrug sweater. Here she is showing it off!!!

Wow....that post took me way longer than usual! Typing with a baby in your arms is tricky:)

I hope you have a great day and fit some knitting in!!!!



  1. Actually the leg warmers are size 9 (not 6) and my samples are 6x6. I love the picture of Tara ha ha.

    Leanne I like your pull over. I just did all those patterns on separate blocks. Too funny.

  2. i am beginning to like the idea of leg warmers...maybe i will need to cast a pair on of those next week. the hat turned out great, boy you gals ARE busy! next time i visit my sis in PA i will need to hop on over to the alpaca farm with my kids, they would LOVE it if you take visitors!


  3. The farm visiting hours right now are "By Chance". My mother and father do all the upkeeping on the farm and you might catch them by chance if you drive by. On they weekends they are busy mowing, weeding, feeding, cleaning up and doing everything else that needs to be done on the farm. My mom is busy doing those things 7 days a week (my father is busy running a business, but when he is not at work he is doing a million chores on the farm.) Hopefully in the fall we can have more regular visiting hours.

  4. I love the cascade yarn you are using for the legwarmers. Great projects you have going!

  5. A lot of great projects as usual! I really like that gray pearl usual yarn, can't wait to see it finished. I think that spindle look lovely. Hope you sell a bunch!

  6. I really am truly amazed at all ya'll get accomplished in a week. Are you really sure you clean and feed your children ;)? Seriously, everything is just lovely! xx

  7. Whoa! That is some gnarly grey yarn you're working with there. All the projects look praiseworthy. I'm knitting with donated yarn (to the prayer shawl ministry.) And it is not always beautiful, believe me. You are all very productive.