Monday, June 3, 2013

An Alpaca In a Van

My parents purchased a new handsome stud of an alpaca recently.
His name is Smoke Ring and he is a beautiful light rose grey.

He's been living up in Vermont at Cas-Cad-Nac Farm.
This past weekend, my mom and dad headed up there and brought him home!

When transporting a single alpaca or two, they use a regular old work van.
It's been modified to with mats, hay, comfy spot for them but really, it's just a van.

My parents ride up front and the alpaca rides in the back.
There is nothing separating the two :)

So when you drive down the road, you see this...

That's an alpaca head next to my dad. They said that people driving on the road were
taking pictures of them while driving! Imagine how many people shared their
picture through texts and facebook yesterday.
 Here he is waiting to be let out.

 Meeting some of the herd
The apple tree field. Home to some of the boys and the new guy.
This is one of the herdsires, Kigo, taking a nap in the sunshine.

Welcome to the farm, Smoke Ring. We're currently working on a nickname for you.
Sounds like Ringer or Ringo will be the one.

You're one handsome guy!!!


  1. That is so something my parents (or Me!) would do. You could tell people you're just out taking your alpaca for a ride! Like some Dog owners do.