Friday, June 14, 2013

The Madame

What is it about the rain that zaps the creativity right out of my brain? Not good when you are paid to be creative....So while I wait for my creative juices to start flowing again, I will post about the recent "going-ons" around this farm.

I often refer to my mom as the "Bean Queen"
For those of you not familiar with alpacas, "beans" is the name for alpaca poop.
Yup. So she's the poop queen.
She spends hours daily cleaning up every single bean that these animals produce. It keeps the fields clean, preventing disease and the quality of health around here.
She loads the beans in the back of her golf cart, named Scrappy, and heads down
the "poop pile" in the meadow. Glamorous huh?
She does this every single day. So, we've named her the Bean Queen.

But she has a new name.

Madame Bean Queen

Why you ask? Well, just about every morning for the past two weeks,
if I look out my window, she is facilitating some alpaca lovin.
She has been putting the new stud, Smoke Ring to work.
And oh boy...has he been working.

She's right in there with them. It's very odd. Two people are in there to make sure the girl does what
she needs to do, the boy does what he needs to do, making sure things are in place.
Yes, it's very strange to me. If the boy needs the flies shooed away, she does that.
She times it, marks it in her calendar and hopes for the best.

So the alley way between pens is now referred to as Knock Up Alley. Classy, I know.
The breeding causes the other males to go a little crazy, the baby boys "practicing" on the other babies. It looks like middle school around here. All awkward attempts to be romantic.

Now, normally I provide pictures with all my posts. But I thought that documenting the mentioned "activities" with pictures would be odd.

So, here are some pictures from the farm.

 (Lizzie and her future pooper scooper at work!)

 (baby Wade on the loose!)

(the alley and the fly spray for the stud man)

Let's hope for lots of spit in the next few weeks. 
(The way you test the females to see if they're pregnant is to take them into the pen with the boy. If she spits at him to stay away, she's prego! That always makes me laugh)

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