Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yarn Along • Jared Flood Style

I did it!
I finally, finally finished my Juneberry Shawl.
Not sure why it took me so long.
Not difficult, but pretty intense lace knitting.
Charts on both sides of the piece, so no breaks. I guess that's why!

It was a Jared Flood pattern (who I totally have a nerdy knitter crush on)
He's hiring too. In my area. Dare I? How cool would that be??????

Here are some pictures of my shawl.
Ravelry Link: Juneberry Purple Shawl

I knitted this with Miss Babs Laceweight Yarn that I purchased at
The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May.

For this week's yarn along:

Another Jared Flood pattern.
I'm knitting another Terra Shawl.
This time, in baby alpaca yarn that I hand dyed inspired
by the robin eggs that we enjoyed watching this spring.

This is a great knit. Very quick and easy.
My kind of knitting!

I finished And the Mountains Echoed over the weekend.
I don't have a new book picked out yet, so I put these new
flash cards in the picture. Chase is not talking as much as I think a two year old should be.
It's frustrating. So I got these cards and we're working on the simple words for now.
I love that the cards are sturdy and are on a ring. This keeps him from flinging them all over the house.

Happy Knitting!
Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.


  1. Oh, the Juneberry is beautiful!

  2. It is stunning!
    I have a little knitting crush on Jared Flood myself and yes, I would be all over that job if I were you ;) Go for it!

  3. You girls are killing me with all this knitting! Beautiful job!

  4. Jared is hiring! Very exciting how do I get a job??? I love your shawl!

  5. Your finished shawl is amazing, and I really love the color of the new one you are working on!

  6. Beautiful! I love Jared's lace patterns, and I LOVE that purple. Just lovely.

  7. I love the color you dyed! Isn't dyeing yarn so satisfying? I'm not a lace person at all, so I day more power to you! The only books I've read of late have revolved around farming and food, but all great books: An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler, Farm City by Novella Carpenter and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (which I've yet to finish.)

  8. love the whole post....and you MUST apply for whatever the Jared job is!!!!!!
    how can you not :))

  9. Wow, the first is a gorgeous shawl and the second looks like it will be just as beautiful!

  10. You dare!! You should *so* apply for that job! And wear your gorgeous Juneberry shawl during the interview! ;)

  11. What a lovely lace shawl and I agree with the others: go for the job! Apply! You can only be refused that's all and than at least you can say you tried! Better that than to be sorry not to have tried after all.