Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nice Boys

The other night Chase was begging to go into the alpaca pens.
He is a wild child, so I have to be careful where to allow him to go, what pens he can go in and what alpacas will tolerate his craziness.

Out of all the animals on the farm, our big boys pen which includes
the two studs, Kigo and Smoke Ring is the pen safest for my crazy man.

I have a feeling this would not be true for most farms. But here at Arrow Acres,
you will find the nicest boys who will be the nicest dads and make the nicest babies :)

 Poor dude needs his face sheared. He can't see!!!! That's Smoke Ring. He's the busy boy around here.

That's Blue, Andee's alpaca.
 Chase giving Kigo a kiss

Long gone is the swing from the apple tree, but isn't it nice that it's still standing? 
Now providing shade for the nice guys.

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