Sunday, June 23, 2013


What a beautiful day to celebrate this little man.
Wade Adam was baptized today at our church.

Is that the sweetest face you have ever seen????


Wade was happy to show off his new shoes during the ceremony!
He was an angel. 
I was honored to stand up for him as his godmother alongside Nick's brother, Chris, the godfather.
This little boy is such a blessing to this family.
I know that his Uncle Adam was with us in spirit. MomMom was there too :)
She was smiling away. I'm sure of it.

There are days that I think of them and miss them so much.
Today was one of them. This baby has brought joy to so many people. He has no idea. I managed to keep it together while we sang Jesus Loves Me.

We all met up after church at Liz and Nick's house and had a great time hanging out with family and close friends. We were missing Andee's husband and boys (the kids have been sick with a stomach bug so they had to miss it)
Chris and Andee

Wade's Grandmoms!!!

Lucky kid even had his aunt from Florida to celebrate with him!

Me and my godson

Wade and godfather, Uncle Chris

A very rare picture of the original five. We are all clean, no farm dirt, alpaca poop, grease, mud or stink. Not bad huh? I think we clean up pretty well :)

As MomMom would say if she was still here,
"Bless your little heart, Wade. God Bless."

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