Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pictures from my Phone

I tend to take lots of pictures on my phone. Just so handy and easy and a lot lighter than my Nikon!

So here are some recent shots....

Cousins picking clovers by the alpaca alley

 Chase trying to take pictures with Lizzie's phone.
He did succeed in taking a photo of the grass and posting it on Instagram.

 Lucky 4 leaf clover

Rick and Dalton watching Garrett play baseball. We do A LOT of this in this family.
Seasons are winding down....Dalton is done with rec and travel is coming to a close for now.
G-Man has a game today and could be his last for the season. (phew...I'm a tired baseball mom)

This face. Oh this face. Such a trouble maker. But can make you laugh so hard.
He asked me to take his picture at the baseball shack. This is his cheese face.

Finally flower season

My new sandals make butterflies in the sand

A quiet weekend afternoon. 

Looking for bugs

Bedtime stories

Summer freckles are back

Saying good morning to the alpacas

 The new stud. Smoke Ring has been a busy boy this week.

Good morning, Cousin :)

My morning crew

A tropical storm brings out all the surfers.

Late night knitting keeps me sane.

Oldest guy had his 5th grade class picnic. An awesome day for his amazing class. 
Middle school next did that happen?

Have a great weekend!

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